About Andrew Anagnost

05-12-2015_06-29-59_pachosting_logoAndrew Anagnost, senior vice president of industry strategy and marketing at Autodesk, is a aeronautical engineer and senior business leader with more than two decades of experience. In his current role, Andrew Anagnost is responsible for leading global business model changes and overall marketing direction.

Prior to his appointment to executive staff in 2012, Andrew Anagnost spent 15 years in various leadership roles at Autodesk, developing a strong background in product design and engineering. Over the course of his tenure, he launched the Autodesk Inventor Suite and developed the business model enabling Autodesk to branch out from desktop software into the online solutions industry. Previously, he led consulting and product strategy efforts for simulation software at the Boston-based Exa Corporation. He also spent several years under contract as a research fellow with NASA and the National Research Council, and he served as an engineer at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in his early career.

Andrew Anagnost received his BS in mechanical engineering from California State University, where he graduated summa cum laude and served as president of the ASME and AIAA chapters. He also earned his MS in aeronautical and astronautical sciences from Stanford University, where he went on to earn his PhD in aeronautical and astronautical engineering as well as computer science. He continues to maintain active membership in the ASME and AIAA and lends his personal support to STEM-based events at local schools in his free time.


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