The Mini Maker Faire Program


Mini Maker Faire Program pic
Mini Maker Faire Program

Since 2012, Andrew Anagnost has led Autodesk’s Industry Strategy and Marketing team as a senior vice president. When he is away from work, Andrew Anagnost serves on the technical committee for his local school elementary school, facilitating events such as an Autodesk-sponsored Maker Faire.

The Maker Faire began in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 as a way of bringing forward-thinking makers together, providing hands-on learning experiences and a forum for curious creators and individuals. Since then, Maker Faire has become a worldwide phenomenon with large-scale events occur globally.

However, the Maker Faire concept lends itself to any scale, and interested organizations and individuals can apply for a Mini Maker Faire license to design a unique community event. Before applying, the organization asks applicants to review the vision, planning, and guidelines of the program. Maker Faire then will provide the necessary tools and resources. In 2016, Mini Maker Faires have taken place in dozens of cities throughout the world, celebrating local creativity and regional maker culture.


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